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Why Devotions Dogs

Training the Humans ™ to train the dogs


With years of experience in training dogs, why is our tagline about Training the Humans™? Because no matter how many changes there are in the world of dog training one truth holds true.

NOTHING works better than training the humans in how to train the dog.

With our special weather we make sure to train you on what to do when the outside isn't a place you want to be. Almost all training is built around games to play with your pup to solidify command response, and build a great relationship together where the training is a fun way to spend time together, versus being a chore. 

The most important fact that you must know is this:

YOU must be committed to training your dog, or it won't work.

We know you need to know how to train your dog for life. Not just for a moment. 

All training has texting and phone calls available for 'on-the-fly' questions. The reality is, you will run into training issues outside of our time together. We want to be there for you, even then. 

We do not use pressure collars, prong collars, or E-collars. We do positive only training. This gives you the best results with the highest level of long term consistency from your pup - and that's backed by science and experience.  

Devotion has a saying:

Hardware doesn't replace training.

Coming to Devotions Dogs for training means you are taking this new member of your family and doing everything you can to ensure that everyone, dog and human, are happy and secure. For life.

About Me: About

Staff of Devotions Dogs

About Me: Tips & Advice


Devotion has been training dogs all of her life. She has been professionally training in the PNW since 2018. Creator of the Training the Humans™ approach to dog training, Devotion strives to bring each person to a place where they can train their dog - for life.

Devotions Thoughts:

I absolutely LOVE training! Getting each client to that 'ah ha!' moment with their dog is such a rush. 

I've been called 'no nonsense', 'blunt', 'You tell it straight'. I like to think of it as I will always tell you the truth. Whether it's using metaphors, using story to explain, or giving specific and exacting training to follow - I will meet you where you are so that you can excel. 

... and my dog was so, so tired but I wanted a pic with both of us! 

I really look forward to working with you! 


Keri - Heeling Specialist

Keri has been working with dogs all of her life. She has been training in the PNW since 2021 when she began mentoring under Devotion. Keri brings a bottomless reserve of patience to training that few possess. Her unwavering consistency allows her to break through even the toughest heeling situation to communicate the proper way for a dog to walk on leash.

Keri's Thoughts:

My favorite part of being a dog trainer is seeing a dog come out of their shell and watching the relationship of love and trust between them and their family grow with positive based training.

I have always had a passion for understanding animals and how they communicate with us. Bettering the relationship between people and their dogs has always been important to me - specifically the change from negative to positive based dog training.

From an early age I saw positive based dog training before it had a name, and working on farms I've seen the punishment based training and how it effects the dogs relationship with the owner and their family. 

With my own dog I have seen the change in our relationship switching from a more typical working dog style training to positive only and how much she has grown into a confident dog - knowing herself, her expectations, and feeling secure in her relationship with me. 

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