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Pre-Adoption Assessments

Finding the right pup for your life


Pre-Adoption Assessments


Sometimes you just see that cute little fuzzy face and just HAVE to take them home! Then you find out that they are: mouthy, nervous, barky, obstinate, insanely hyper, or super sluggish.

Finding the right pup can be tough - but it doesn't have to be! A pre-adoption assessment will have us come into your home, evaluate the kind of life that you are living right now - and even chat about major changes that might be on the horizon. 

We will talk about:

• Time at home vs. time at work

• Tolerance for potty mess

• Tolerance for drool and fur

• Interest in training 

• Small children, teens, or no kids

• Breeder vs rescue

• Activity level of the humans

• Travel current and future

And so much more!

All pre-adoption assessments will discuss the best set up for the pup when it first comes home, a written 'what to expect' sheet, and a welcome kit. 

We finish with the assessment with a recommendation of a breed or breed mix that should be the best fit for your life - along with a discussion of potential things that might not be perfect. This sets you up for success with your pup before they even come home!

The premium pre-adoption assessment allows for a single session to assist in acclimating the pup to it's new home. This is an additional $100. 

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